Plastic Pollution and Toxins

In the United States alone, 35 billion single-use plastic water bottles are thrown away each year. Each bottle can take thousands of years to biodegrade, meaning one small decision can negatively impact our planet for centuries.

Despite its high price and detrimental ecological effects, most of the water being sold to consumers is no different than tap water. Some bottled water companies are faced with very little regulation, which has led to the discovery of harmful contaminants in the water.

In fact, the plastic surrounding the water oftentimes only amplifies the damaging effects of the water itself. When you consume nearly any brand of bottled water, you ingest what scientists consider the most potent and toxic chemicals known to man. Over time, the chemicals used to create the plastic bottle can seep into the water and eventually into your body. The process is only expedited when bottles are exposed to heat.

The safest, most eco-friendly way to live is to leave plastic bottles behind and bring clean water directly to your home.

BPA-free isn’t safe

BPA stands for bisphenol A, an industrial chemical oftentimes used in the creation of plastic water bottles. Like the legal toxin levels permitted in water, just because something passes inspection doesn’t always ensure its safety. 

Such is the case with common BPA alternatives. While the term BPA-free may give you a sense of security when using plastic products, the fact is that many of the alternatives —  including BPS and other toxic chemicals — are just as detrimental as the original.

After reviewing over 700 peer-reviewed studies, 38 internationally recognized scientists from The National Institute of Health expressed their concern about the impact of these alternatives on human health.

What is Enevive doing?

Envive’s solution to plastic bottles and clean water is simple — we make it easy for you to stop using plastic water bottles by educating you about clean, healthy tap water. Not only does this save you money, it has a massive impact on the environment and your health.

When you contact us for a free in-home water testing, you can learn what’s really in your water. The more educated you become on water filtration and the laws which need to be addressed, the easier it becomes for you to make the water in your home safe.

Enevive can help you realize what is in your water and provide you with the best solutions to the toxins and minerals it contains. In doing so, you can kick your habit of plastic water bottles. Contact us today and begin doing your part to improve your health and help the environment.

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