How You Can Help

Understand the truths

Though they may be deemed acceptable by law, the levels of contaminants in water are not safe. These toxins pose serious health threats to you and your family. The truths about water testing and water filtration are oftentimes swept under the rug, and understanding these truths is the first step in making a difference.

What is Enevive doing about this?

We are striving to make positive changes in the laws that allow for these toxins by conducting bias-free research into the quality of water around us. In doing so, we can determine what is really in our water and can use that information to push for better water legislation.

In our research, we have found effective and efficient ways to improve the health of your water while removing toxins, calcium, and magnesium from water. We work with families to help them find the best way to protect their homes from these harmful toxins.

What can you do?

Begin making an impact by having your water tested. This crucial first step shows exactly what you are getting in your tap water. You can request a free appointment to have your water tested by Envive today!

Once you know what you’re getting through your water, Envive will help you determine the best solutions to ensure your water is clean and healthy. This simple process allows you to eliminate the use of plastic water bottles while protecting you and your family from harmful water.

There is so much more to be discovered about the safety of our water. Become part of the solution today by reaching out to Envive!