1. We are very happy with our Enevive experience and hope they can continue helping more and more people!

    We have always been very concerned with the quality and safety of our water (yes, some have even called us "water snobs"). We have had a Zero Water Filter for years and have loved the security of knowing we had chemical free water to drink. However, Enevive opened our eyes to the importance of the quality and safety of ALL the water we use everyday, not just the water we drink. It is so reassuring…Read More

    Kortney Kern
  2. Life changing!

    Life changing! I'm so glad I was home when the researchers came by our home. We recently moved too Saratoga Springs, and when we tested the water after we closed on our home we were astounded at how horrible it tasted (so heavy, cloudy, diluted with minerals); hence we resorted to bottled water (which can get expensive with how much water my family drinks).When the researchers came by, I was excit…Read More

    Christian Arntsen
  3. Thank you for taking the time to explain everything to us!

    We purchased the water system about a month ago and love it. Our experience with Ty was awesome and we are loving the difference from what we had before. Thank you for taking the time to explain everything to us!…Read More

    Jessica Vega
  4. I highly recommend

    Does your water taste weird? Do you struggle with hard water stains?? Enevive is a fantastic resource!! They are a professional research, water testing and consulting firm. I highly recommend. They are well informed and can help you get what you need to make your water not only taste good but to make it pure! Fantastic organization!!…Read More

    Amanda Spence
  5. I would suggest you to anyone!

    Psyched about this research company and their efforts to change our community for the better! I was very impressed with their service and care. Moving into our new home we had been contacted by a few places wanting us to buy their products without providing us with any information to make informed decisions. Enevive took the time to educate us about our water and discuss the underlying issues. The…Read More

    Lindzi Porter Fitzwater